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What Our Customers are Saying

Danker Furniture Logo After using your product for 3 years I am still amazed at how fabulous my presentations look! Not to mention the ease of which to do multiple choices for one room. However my Board is so loved that a number of pieces have been lost. Is it possible to get replacements for those of which I have attached and circled? Are their any other updates available? Please advise and thank-you. Mark William Hancock, Danker Furniture.

Response: Of course! Replacement pieces are free and will be shipped to you today. Thank-you.

I rec'd my collection of "the Board" materials yesterday. Thank you.  I am just thrilled with the product and I am loving working with them. They are a real time saver....and they are fun too.

Thanks again.

I am grateful for your kind gesture from a customer standpoint. I wish more companies were as receptive! A.P.

We currently own both the Junior Board and The Board SPS for our two designers.  They are invaluable aids to our residential interior design business.  Gail started with the Junior Board several years ago, and when she updated to The Board two years ago passed the Junior to a new associate.

We talk to the Master Plan people frequently in the corridors at High Point at Furniture Market and have been told that we can either upgrade from the Junior to The Board...or purchase the necessary individual symbols to meet our needs.

Please send us a price list for both options.

Thank you.

To Whom It May Concern:

First let me say, “Your kits are wonderful,” and I love the one I have which was a gift from my mother-in-law a few years ago. Your web site is excellent and very user friendly too.

I have been in the interior decorating business for years and I am about to employ additional personnel. I would like to know if you offer any special discount prices on orders of two or more kits purchases. I am very interested in purchasing the following kits to assist the new consultants.

• Residential Room Planner Item # MP-003-RES
• Area Rugs Item# MP-006-AR
• The Complete Windows Kit Item# MP-007-WTK and/or the
• Windows fashion planner MP-009-WT
• The Quik Plan Easy System MP-027-WTD

Any discounts would be greatly appreciated.

First I would like to say that your space planning system is awesome! As an interior designer and salesperson, I use it daily. It has helped me to close some difficult sales. Many people need to SEE what their room will look like to be convinced to close the sale.


Every professional who is serious about their chosen trade recognizes that in order to do "the job properly" the right tools for the task at hand must be used.

"The interior design field is no exception," states Donna Barlett, president of Masterplan Magnetics.  "Creating award-winning and unique living/ working environments simply don't happen on their own.  Training, experience, keeping an open mind and the proper working tools make the difference between outstanding and mediocre designs".

Masterplan Magnetics, whose main product is The Board™ - Residential Room Planner, is one of those tools.  Based upon the use of scaled and graphically detailed magnetic furniture symbols designers can quickly and accurately produce professional space plan drawings in minutes without the aid of a computer.  Getting a 'hard copy' of your work is done by photocopying the magnetic planning surface.

"Most of our customers are interior designers, many within the retail environment, and know what their time is really worth.  They use phrases to describe The Board™ such as 'idea generator', 'time-saver', and I've even heard 'life-saver'!  And the fact that we get most of our business through designers recommending The Board™ to their associates and friends speaks volumes for its effectiveness."

Said Susan Arnold, Program Director of the Interior Design Department of Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia: "Our students are currently working on a multi-million dollar renovation of our campus.  When we presented our space planning to the executive team for the renovation they were so pleased that they requested the architectural firm to implement it.  The Board™ magnetic systems were key tools in our ability to produce detailed recommendations." 

She goes on to say "You may find it interesting that the architect in charge of the project came by the other day to borrow our set".  According to Barlett these are typical comments from those using The Board™.

Gwinnett Technical College

Dear Ms. Barlett,

I would like to thank you for the use of "Master Plan Magnetic System" and space planning system.  It is a wonderful product.  As a technical college in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area, our mission is to teach theory and skills.  That is "industry correct" for immediate employment.  We offer an Associate Degree in Interior Design.  Our students are more mature in age and have diverse business and educational backgrounds.  We serve approximately 350-400 students per year in our program.

The Master Plan Magnetic System is easy to use and allows students to produce the professional results that are needed for their portfolio projects.  Having different components for every situation gives the students the ability to do both residential and commercial design projects.  Our students are currently gaining experience through working on a multi-million dollar renovation of our campus.  When we presented our space planning to the executive team for the renovation. they were so pleased that they requested the architectural firm to implement it.  The Master Plan Magnetic Systems were a key toll in our ability to produce detailed recommendations.

You may find it interesting that the architect in charge of the renovations came by to borrow our set of Master Plan Magnetics the other day.  He had not seen it and was impressed with the capabilities of the system.

I feel that your system should be in every college resource library that teaches design.  We also recommended it as a tool for all designers.  Thank you for such a useful professional product.


Susan Arnold, Ed. S., IIDA
Program Director, Interiors

Utah State University

Dear Donna,

I received your fax about your new planner.  I would like to order one for the school when they become available in April.  Let me know by mail, e-mail or phone if I should mail in the coupon for the discount.

We have truly enjoyed your other planners.  I can see that they are the perfect tool for designers.  I have been using them for a teaching tool in space planning and have also used them on my own consulting jobs.  They are the most valuable design asset I take to any appointment.  My customers appreciate the speed and ease with which I can show them the layout and possibilities of any space.  Thank you very much for this tool.

The students enjoy using them in class, however they have been reluctant thus far to order one of their own.  I think the "poor student" syndrome is to blame.  Maybe I need to make it a requirement for a class or contact their parents to suggest a great graduation gift, etc.  At least they are exposed to it and upon graduation and subsequent employment they will miss having one and loosen their purses.

I appreciate the practical, workable products you offer and look forward to wonderful new ideas in the future.  I will continue to promote your products among the design circles that I am involved with.  Best wishes in the coming year.


Troy Christiansen
Architectural Design Department Chair
Bridgerland Applied Technology Center
Interior Design Lecturer
Utah State University

"By taking the guesswork out of planning layouts, installations go more smoothly."

Debra Guess, Account Executive
Cort Furniture Rental

"Using the design kits is easy and the training took only as long as handing the kits to our sales personnel.   They began to use them immediately with good results.  The customer reaction has been great too!"

Jeff Cantor, President
Office Express

"It allows the client to feel they are part of the decision-making team, rather than being dictated to, in a this-is-what-you-get space planning exercise."

Joyce Farrell, Project Manager
Canadian National Defense

"I love it. We cannot Imagine working without it. We used to use graph paper and cut out the symbols. They would often fall off or slip off and be lost."

"Our closing rate is more than 50 percent when we use it. Actually, it's closer to 80 percent. My salespeople love it. They love it because it's so easy to use (and) it's complete. I haven't found anything I sell that isn't represented in the product."

"It is just so simple and very easy to use."

"All my salespeople use it, even the ones who were most techno-phobic. They use it because it's so easy. They love it."

Bruce Aronson, Owner of The Pool and Patio Center in Louisiana
and a Casual Furniture Retailers board member

"We were at the Interior Design Show in Toronto and purchased one of your magnetic planning boards and we just love it."

Judy France, President/Owner
Interiors by Judy in Newmarket, Ontario

"I received my collection of The Board materials yesterday. Thank you. I am just thrilled with the product and I am loving working with them. They are a real time saver and they are fun, too."

Susan Brown,
Susan Brown Interior Design

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. It is such an efficient use of decorator time. I wish I had bought one sooner."

Carolyn Crisp, Interior Decorator
with Enerchi Interiors, Kanata, Ontario