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The Board™ is a truly unique and convenient tool to aid in space planning.

The patented system uses scaled (1/4" = 1'-0") magnetic symbols representing over 90% of the most popular shapes, styles and sizes in the office & residential furniture industries.

Each system comes with everything you need to do ON-THE-SPOT professional drawings.

The Board™ was developed for use by planning professionals requiring fast, accurate high-quality drawings of repetitive symbol groups such as those found in residential & office furniture room planning.

The main advantage behind the success of The Board™ planning system is simple; using it saves valuable time & effort when preparing furniture drawings & specifications.

If you sell or plan with furniture you can... If you are planning Your home or office you can...
  • Prepare detailed high-quality drawings in seconds or minutes
  • End customer- confusion by showing what will fit(& what won't!)
  • Make pricing & "take-offs" from drawings faster and easier - most magnetic symbols show item type & size
  • Prepare detailed moving and installation drawings
  • Visualize just how your new or existing furnishings will fit in your home or office before buying or moving
  • Pre-plan all of your rooms (or office areas) in stages for future changes or upgrades
  • Prepare detailed mover's diagrams of exactly where and how you want your furniture positioned

Whatever your reasons for purchasing The Board™, you will undoubtedly derive immediate benefits from its use.

  • Increase Sales Potential.
  • Quick, Quality Output Without CADD.
  • No Training Required.
  • A Portable Planning System.
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