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Residential Interior Design

Simplify space planning

The contents of a room planner.

It may seem that the idea of doing something without the aid of a computer is a regressive step, but Masterplan Magnetics believes that's not always true.

The company has developed and patented a portable space planning system called The Board that is designed to give users computer-quality plans without the hardware or software.

The Board consists of a layout board, allowing the designer to plan up to 3,200 square feet at a time, along with more than 780 graphically detailed magnetic symbols representing furniture products and scaled 1/4 inch=1 foot. By placing and moving the magnetic symbols a floor plan can be developed, changed and finalized in minutes. Once the desired plan is achieved, it can be photocopied for easy reference.

The Board is available in three residential versions and two commercial office versions. For more information, visit the company's web site at or call (800) 449-9984.

Spotlight FHFA

"I like it, but how will it look in my home?"

A typical floor plan designed with The Board.

As furniture retailers we have all too often heard phrases such as... "It's too expensive", or "I like it, but how will it look in my home?"  How about... "I'll have to go home and measure...".

Buyer Objections - there are dozens of them.  The fact that we spend much of our professional lives trying to overcome these sales killers illustrates the importance of doing just that.  While there are scores of "How To" books on selling techniques, one of the most common hesitations in the furniture buying process is also one of the easiest to deal with.  "Will it fit" is the uncertainty of the piece fitting in the way your customer wants it to.  Room plans are a service some Retailers often hesitate to offer.  However, for most customers, it may be a necessary evil because they need you to alleviate their fears of "will it fit?"

You can now quickly put them at ease by demonstrating with simple-to-use magnetic planners, The Board Space Planning Systems, produced by Masterplan Magnetics, assist your customers in visualizing their room instantly by incorporating the new furniture they are considering.  The Board encourages the customer to have direct input in the sales & design process.  When they do this they are in fact 'selling themselves'. therefore greatly increasing the odds that they will purchase on the spot.

Designing to streamline the time consuming task of preparing furniture plans (for Residential & Contract)  The Board products are based on graphically detailed, accurate, 1/4" scaled magnets which represent current sizes of furniture products.

Asked why their products are so successful, Donna & Ross Barlett, creators of The Board, claim, "Most professionals involved in the furnishings industry realize the value of their time.  When we show these people how they can plan room layouts in seconds & minutes, verses days, they go wild.  The fact that they are portable, can be photocopied and require no training is a huge plus.  Anyone can produce high quality, accurate room plans when using The Board!"